1950's Events in Frankenmuth, MI

(courtesy of Frankenmuth News)

1950s Interstate travel began with I-75 construction, creating easy access to the area. A dike, built along the Cass River controlled the annual flooding conditions and allowed expansion of the downtown area (cost: $23,205 with cost shared by village, township and Zehnder’s, see 1967). Otto Trinklein was village president / city mayor, 1947 to 1957; James E. Wickson was city mayor, 1957 to 1965; Herbert Keinath was village and city manager, 1953 to 1968; and Henry Zinck was police chief, 1953 to 1974.

1950 The village census was 1,238.

1950 Emil Rummel Insurance Agency was founded.

1950 Frankenmuth Motel was founded

  • 1956 Carling Brewing Company bought out International Breweries.

  • 1952

  • 1957 Frankenmuth High School’s first 12th grade graduates.

  • 1957 Rupprecht’s Sausage was the first building decorated in the “alpine” or “Bavarian” architecture style. The building was built in 1948.

  • 1951 Frankenmuth Brewing Co. became part of International Breweries.

  • 1951 Dr. Gus Braeutigam, veterinarian, established one of the local small animal/large animal practices.



1958 The village of Frankenmuth’s population was 1630 (601 in 1904);

            Assessed Valuation was $4,226,945.00 ($237,005.00 in 1904);

            Annual Budget was $200,000.00 ($3,000.00 in 1904).



1958/1959 The Zehnder family (William, Jr. & Dorothy) redecorated Fischer’s Hotel in “alpine” or “Bavarian” motif. The family (William, Sr.) bought the business in 1950.


1959 Fischer’s Hotel was renamed Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn. Its grand opening later developed into the annual Bavarian Festival.

1959 Wm. Bronner & Son formed a contracting business specializing in commercial/industrial building.

1959 The City of Frankenmuth incorporated (city charter).


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