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History at Home: Why Should You Visit a Museum?

Welcome to “History at Home,” the Frankenmuth Historical Association’s (FHA) blog. This weekly blog is part of the FHA’s effort to fulfill its mission: “To preserve, communicate, and celebrate the heritage of the Franconian communities and to promote a greater appreciation for local, regional, national, and world history among the residents of and visitors to Frankenmuth.”

We could bore you with facts that the FHA maintains a collection of over 30,000 items, that we have a 7 gallery museum (with only $2 admission!), a gift shop, a log house, a historic entertainment venue, and host a bunch of educational events….. But we won’t do that ;)

Instead, we want to tell you why you should visit us. Because let’s be honest, you’ve probably thought “Museum’s are boring!” Unfortunately, this can at times be true. Museums are not a one-size fits all institution. In fact, many tourists walk in, realize we are a museum, and walk right back out.

The problem is, when most people think of museums, they think of boring galleries with text panels that are too long to read. I have personally watched countless people stroll through the exhibits I create, sometimes never stopping once. This can be extremely frustrating for exhibit creators and museum operators….

Museums work day in and day out addressing this issue. Here at the Frankenmuth Historical Association, we try to create interactive exhibits that don’t overwhelm visitors. We offer educational programs for adults and for youth, including butter making, candle making, and pressing your own apple cider, just to name a few. We also offer lectures, guided tours, trivia nights, and — coming in August 2021 — a festival (Pioneer Fest)!

Our events accommodate different learning styles. Some people can read a text panel and ingrain the information in their memories. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people… I, like many others, am a visual and hands-on learner. I learn through experience.

For many, our museum galleries are fun and informative. For others, events might be more your style. However you choose to support the FHA, know that your support goes a long way. Your support means that we can continue to create and maintain our exhibits, put on public events, collect and preserve historical artifacts, local stories, and the history of your community, maintain our building, and, quite frankly, keeps us employed.

Your support doesn’t just serve the FHA’s interests. It serves your interests too. It allows you to know your community’s history, from the days of the first 15 settlers to today. It allows you to play a part in preserving the stories of your ancestors, of your community, of local businesses, of your family, and yes, even you.

Maybe one day your picture will grace our halls. Maybe your photograph will even be passed over by countless tourists (Oh, joy!) Or… maybe your story will be preserved in our collection, dusted off one day by your great, great, great, grandchildren…

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“He who has not searched the past has no authority to present proposals for the present or the future.” - Wilhelm Loehe

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