Each guestroom at the Bavarian Inn Lodge is named to honor either a local Frankenmuth family, a neighboring community, or an individual who has impacted the history of Frankenmuth. In 1986 Phase I of the Bavarian Inn Lodge was built and included one hundred guestrooms. These guestrooms were named after those first fifteen settlers who came to Frankenmuth in 1845, plus the second group of ninety settlers that arrived in 1846. 


The addition of ninety-eight guestrooms in 1989, which was Phase II, brought about the challenge of selecting guestroom names by a lottery system because there were so many choices to consider. Families who had deep history roots in Frankenmuth and/or had civically contributed to the Frankenmuth community were selected. 


When it came time to add the one hundred fifty-six guestrooms of Phase III in 1995, again there were many possible choices to consider. Selection this time was determined by a family residency of at least twenty-five years in Frankenmuth and involvement in the economic and civic well-being of the Frankenmuth community.


Please follow the link for more information on the history of the families in Frankenmuth provided by the Bavarian Inn Lodge and the Frankenmuth Historical Association.

Frankenmuth Family History

The Cass River Genealogy Society was founded in 1996 and has the following purposes:

To collect and aid in the preservation of records of genealogical value.

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