Past Events

Thursday, June 23 6:00pm

Fischer Hall * 613 S. Main St.

6-7:30 * Light refreshments

  Civil War historian

and retired teacher

Mark Hoerauf will relate the true Civil War story of

“Who Burned Atlanta?"

Who Burned Atlanta?
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Frankenmuth celebrates


Log Cabin Day 2015
Be Part of History - Steve Hargash - Local artist's Showcase - 2015
The Brothers Grimm - Speaker, Betheen Glady-Teschendorf - 2015
Harvest of History - Speakers, Jerry Kabat & Ed Sergent - 2015
Ribbon-Cutting Dedicationfor the new "Rock Ramp Fish Passage" - 2015
The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigation - Speaker, Rick Mixter - 2015
A Tigers Tale


Baseball historian, author,

and retired director of

the Michigan Department of History, Arts, and Libraries, William Anderson will present

a fascinating history of the

Detroit Tigers”


Tuesday, May 31 6:00pm

Fischer Hall

Fischer Hall * 613 S. Main St.

6 - 7:30pm * Light refreshments

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